I’m named after my birthstone, the Opal. I’ve always considered it lucky that I wasn’t born a month later—as much as I like November’s birthstone – Citrine – I don’t think it would have been nearly as nice of a name!

It is so hard to tell at this point if I like birthstones because I am named after one, or if it is simply a byproduct of me loving jewelry so much, but I am a big fan of birthstone jewelry. So I wanted to talk a little about the different stones:

January’s birthstone is the garnet. They can be similar to rubies in color, but the name garnet even comes from an Old English word meaning “dark red”.

The gemstone for those born in February is the amethyst. Because of their purple color, it was a popular stone for royal jewelry—there are even amethyst in the British Crown Jewels!

March has the Aquamarine for a birthstone, which can range in color from very pale blue to a gorgeous shade of deep aqua. It has an almost literal name, with aqua meaning water and marine being the sea.

My mom was born in April, and she’s told me she always felt a little cheated, as her birthstone is the diamond. I can see her point: rings featuring her birthstone look like engagement rings. Diamonds are also incredibly strong, considered the hardest substance found on the entire planet!

Emeralds are the birthstone for May, and signify the new life brought on by April rains. Because they take forever to form and are difficult to mine, they are very valuable and very expensive. Green is supposedly one of the “easiest” colors on our eyes, which means that we really like looking at emeralds!

Pearls, the birthstone for June, can come from freshwater or saltwater, be naturally occurring or cultivated intentionally. Pearls are symbolic of elegance and class, and pearl necklaces are passed down through generations or given as gifts for special occasions (like weddings) in women’s lives.

The ruby is up next, for those born in July. These bright red stones are considered to be a precious stone, and is often heat-treated to achieve the perfect hue. Red is such a power color, and it looks amazing in white jewelry surrounded by diamonds!

Peridot, also known as olivine, is a yellow-green stone that does sort of look like olive oil. A byproduct of extreme heat from volcanoes, August’s birthstone is a symbol of vitality. It also is purported to be a connection to nature.

September has a brilliant deep blue birthstone, the sapphire. Its name comes from the Greek word “sapheiros,” which literally means precious stone. It’s so beautiful that many royals opt for it as an engagement ring.

Next is my favorite stone, October’s beautiful Opal! These lovely stones are so unique in their ability to display a kaleidoscope of colors. It’s like having a stone of every color in one beautiful package. They are often designated as a white or black opal, which is the base color.

Moving into November, we see Citrine’s warm autumn hues. Ranging in colors from yellow to a deep amber, this stone perfectly represents the fall season.

Last but not least is the blue topaz stone representing December. This is one gemstone where the paler the color, the more pure and desirable it actually is! To me, it looks like the sky on a bright winter day.

So there you have it, my take on birthstones. What month were you born in? Do you like the stone that your birthday falls under? Let me know in the comments!