Bit of a Brainstorm

I love statement pieces. It doesn’t matter if it is a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, a ring, or even a hairpiece. I love the feel of putting one on, how confident it makes me, how attention grabbing they are. Statement pieces can make an outfit look polished, elevate a closet staple, or make a woman feel like a million bucks. If you get the right piece, it can do all three!

The problem with statement pieces is that they don’t always transition well to everyday wear. Those long, gorgeous pendant earrings don’t quite look right in the office. Your attention-grabbing necklace that makes every plunging neckline look amazing rarely has the same effect on t-shirts. That sparkly bracelet snags on every sweater you wear. And, as much as I wish it were otherwise, that tiara you wore on your wedding day just isn’t something you can wear as you go about a regular day. Many of these beautiful pieces go unworn because it can be hard to fit them into your regular daily life.

So the other night, I found myself looking through my jewelry collection and thinking about how many of these items I save for special occasions or specific outfits. That kind of bummed me out. I got to thinking about how I can’t possibly be the only woman who has a whole box full of stuff that is too special for everyday but too beautiful not to wear.

Then it hit me: what if there were jewelry sets specifically for this purpose? A necklace, say, that was a statement piece, and then a similar one that was more adaptable to everyday wear? A set of flashy and gorgeous earrings that were perfect for date night, and then you could maybe detach the dangling part to transition them to something acceptable for office wear? Or even a gorgeous center stone ring that had another ring you could stack on it to elevate it to a statement piece when you felt like it?

Ooooh, the possibilities, ladies!

I decided to try the necklaces first, since they seemed the easiest. My plan was to come up with a gorgeous statement necklace, and then figure out a way to adapt and tone down the piece while making it look similar enough to see that they were related. I spent a lot of time in the bead section, but I finally found what I wanted.

I got some Jade Burma beads for both pieces and worked a couple of crystal stones with a nice gemstone cut into a pendant for the statement necklace. I made it longer than the everyday wear piece, and gave it a sturdier clasp to support the weight of the pendant. For the more “everyday” piece, I added crystal beads in corresponding colors to the Burma beads instead. This way, it had the same color palette and feel but was more practical. They were both pretty, and that was encouraging. I think I am going to make a few more and see how they do at the next craft show.

I’ve laid out some drawings for the earrings. I didn’t see quite what I wanted the last time I was at the craft store, so I am afraid I’ll have to buy some things online. I don’t like to do it—I would much rather see and feel what I’m buying, but sometimes it is just unavoidable. The selection online is really hard to beat.