Great Day at the Craft Fair!

I am always nervous before a craft fair – will anybody even stop by my booth? What if they do stop by but think my work is worthless? Will I walk away without selling anything? Will anybody even attend? What if it is outside and it rains? There are always so many doubts and questions. I assume that anything and everything is going to go wrong. Being able to think of them all might be my superpower.

I headed out to a local fair today, feeling cautious but optimistic. I figured I had a couple of things going for me. I had seen lots of advertising for this particular fair, so I was at least confident that there would be some people in attendance. And it was indoors, which meant that I did not have to worry about rain keeping people away or the wind knocking down my displays. Both were good things. See? I was right before when I said I was optimistic!

I got there around the same time as many of the other vendors, and we were all bustling around setting up our tables in no time. On one side of me was a woman selling scented candles, and on the other side was a man selling honey made by his own bees. I often buy from the people around me, and I was quite excited by the prospects of picking something from my neighbors!

People started coming in, first in dribs and drabs and then in a stream. Lots of visitors at the beginning, mostly just lookers, which I understand. It’s a big fair, and people don’t want to buy something and then feel like they missed out on something better. I was just secretly hoping that there wasn’t anything better so that they would come back. There was a lull and I really started to worry that I was wasting my time.

And some of them did come back, and then I started noticing new people coming by again. I’m always surprised when people want to buy something I made. But I was able to sell several pairs of earrings, five necklaces, and four bracelets. The most popular thing I sold this time was my enamel pins, which surprised me. I sold out of those for the first time ever!

Everybody that came to the booth was incredibly nice. Many were excited about the pieces they saw and especially the ones they bought. It was a really good feeling. I felt like I wasn’t just selling jewelry, I was also making friends!

I made a nice amount of money, too, even after paying my vendor fee. Of course, I’m going to turn around and put all that money right back into beads and wire and vendor fees. Such is the life of a (part-time) jewelry maker!