Great Weekend!

Jewelry makers are artists, going beyond craftspeople if you do it well. I don’t do budget stuff to unload at the local farmer’s market or online. Because I make jewelry, fashion and fine, I need to attend craft fairs to sell my wares. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to go on making more. It takes funding, particularly for precious gems and gemstones, not to mention the real gold and silver chains and fasteners. I believe in quality all the way. I want my pieces to last a lifetime. As such, they make wonderful gifts. Many women buy them for their own use, of course, because I have to admit, they are pretty wonderful. I have pride in my work. Inspiration is all around and lately my sales have been good.

So I am off to another craft fair, this time a few miles away. I am going to take a friend as I often do for company. However, this time I have more plans up my sleeve. We can go tubing nearby to take a break from the three-day event. The weather is sublime and we both crave time out of doors. Plus, I would like to gather some small twigs from the river to make a display for my latest necklaces. But it is the tubing that really draws me. I can borrow a good towable tube from my brother who is a frequent visitor to the site. He is somewhat of an expert and told me all the ins and outs of the best tube that he’d learnt by reading I never knew that it made a difference, but it does. It has to inflate properly and stay taut for support. It has to be resistant to rocks and not rip open at the slightest provocation. He deflates it and keeps it in the garage next to the air compressor. He will take care of everything before we leave. I can’t wait to get out and experience the thrill of moving water as I am pulled behind a small boat.

Report: the craft fair and the tubing were fantastic and it was a weekend of fun and frolic. We met some fabulous people with whom we spent the whole day. The plus is that I sold a bracelet at the fair that had been around for a while because the price was up there. I had used sapphires in different colors and they cost a pretty penny. But they are so gorgeous. It appealed to one woman and I got a good return. All it takes is the right fair and the perfect client. I was so jazzed that I suggested to my friend that we go tubing again the next day. Of course, she was happy to oblige. I returned the tube to my brother without regret, knowing that it had enjoyed its time outdoors in the water and that we would soon meet again.