How to make your own beaded earrings

Wow, I haven’t written in a while, there’s been so much going on. I moved to another place, which was very time-consuming. My new place is smaller, so I had to either donate some of my old stuff to charity and friends or simply throw them away when nobody was willing to take them. I know, not the most eco-friendly option given today’s deteriorating climate change, but there was simply not enough space so I was not left with much choice. I even invested in a tankless water heater in order to save space (btw, if you ever decide to go tankless, make sure to read reviews at – they helped me out a lot, it’s not like I’m expert on the subject). Anyway, your crafty friend is finally back to share jewelry-making experiences, tips, and much more!

I will dedicate this post to making beaded earnings from scratch. I know that many people have this misconception that making beaded earrings can be difficult, so this is why I decided to tackle this particular topic, in order to dispel this myth and hopefully, inspire some of you to give it a try! After all, in these ‘corona times’ that we are experiencing, which do not seem to signal any end in sight in the near future, we are obligated to spend so much time at home, that you can easily get bored out of your mind. So making your own jewelry could come as an interesting hobby that can help you kill time.

So let’s get down to business! First things first, in order to make your earrings, you need to start by gathering the needed materials. This includes endpins, beads, wire cutters, round-nose pliers, and earring hooks. You are free to choose any type of beads you prefer, the size or color is up to you. You can also decide to experiment by combining different colors or sizes. Now put your first bead at the bottom of the endpin. Make sure that this bead has a smaller hole than the others. Then you can arrange the other beads on the endpin in any way you like. Be careful to leave some space on the endpin however, for example, half a centimeter to one centimeter would be enough. In this way, there will be space for movement and the earrings will appear nicer in general. If needed, you can adjust the length of the pin with wire cutters.

Now it’s time to use your round-nose pliers in order to bend the head pin’s top at a 90-degree angle. Proceed by bending the top of the endpin with the pliers. The aim is to bend it into a neat loop. But before you fully close the loop with the pliers, you need to add the hook of the earring. Repeat the same procedure with the second earring. And there you have it –  you got yourself a cool pair of earrings that you made on your own! Now go dazzle everyone at the party!